Sindhurmani Mahakali Chandi Paath Navratra Puja

Sindhurmani Mahakali Navratra Puja for protection against pandemic and ill health, removal of all negativity including evil eye and black magic (By invite only)*

Shubhpuja is organizing Sindhurmani Mahakali Navratra Puja. Goddess Kali removes all hurdles in your life and is most powerful in controlling all virus related diseases and destroys ill effects of black magic, evil eyes, bestows success and family happiness . Puja is most powerful siddhi puja for financial success,wealth and marital happiness . This Puja give very quick results.

Navratras followed by Dussehra and Deepavali and this Puja blesses devotees in the following areas:

• Success in business/ financial gains
• Better job opportunities
• Reduction of Debt/Recovery of money
• Property acquisition
• Celebration in family
• Removal of evil influences/ obstructions in life

This puja is one to one individual puja and will be customised as per your horoscope and immediate objectives as per your wishes.Yantras and gemstones will be re-energised during this Puja.

This is a one day Puja and takes about 1 hour for Sankalp followed by Havan.