Sindhurmani Kesh Jeevan Puja

 Regeneration of Hair & Stop Hair Fall – Instant Results

This miracle Puja, first of its kind natural solution in world, helps in removing  ill effects of malefic planets in arresting hair fall and reviving growth. It is a Holistic Puja developed after decades of research by our Vedic experts. In modern times hair fall and baldness has become general problem. Puja helps in balancing of Planets, through puja rituals restores body  immunity to revive follicles. This Puja has to be repeated after every 6 months for one year for substantial hair restoration.

Puja has been tested by many of devotees who got amazing results and are living testimony for success of this puja. This Siddha Puja brings results within  short span of 3-6 Months.