Gemstone Consultation

The Puranas present many stories about the origins of gems and their relationship with the nine planets.

Each stone has its own distinct feature and helps you control a different power. Where Right hand is for the solar remedies, the left hand is for the effects the lunar energies. Proper channelization of these energies helps one to attain a better control over his/her life.

Formed over eons, often at high pressure, the earth’s gemstones embody intense concentration of energy. They are the most sincere examples of physicists pointing out that all matter is energy in Physical Form! The physical and energetic properties of gemstones are employed in many aspects of technology already and the ability of crystals to conduct and transform energy an alienated idea to us anymore.

Now you can either get this energy channelizing by the means of your birthstone or just some other stone that defines these energies for you. Basically, it’s our job to find out what ‘does’ it for you.

Every individual faces different problems and accordingly, different gems are suggested to channelise energies in that area where one wants maximum effect.

DO NOT wear any gems without consulting a gemstone consultant! It is very important to take a professional help of gemstone consultation online before wearing any gem.