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Navratri Puja Will be starting from 15th October 2023 to 23 October 2023

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Shubhpuja a rich legacy of providing transformative services, we have earned our reputation as pioneer in the fields of Pujas, Rituals, Aura Cleansing and Astrology

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Shubhpuja offers you all to avail our services under the consultation of our experienced experts. Recently we are offering our the most valuable services i.e, Aura Energy and healing , Vaastu Services, Tarot Services, Palmistry Services , and last not the least Numerology


Saumyaa Vardhan is new age Astrologer. She is Amongst the most qualified astrologers in the world today. She has a penchant for numbers and developed her own models in predictive astrology and numerology. Saumyaa is widely acclaimed worldwide for her pioneering work in Vedic Research and Services.

Saumyaa Vardhan
Director, Shubhpuja

From Pioneering Indian Aviation to Global Astrology Discover the extraordinary journey of Mr. Harsh Vardhan, a distinguished and renowned figure hailing from India. With a remarkable trajectory that traverses the pinnacle of Indian aviation to the expansive realm of global astrology, Mr. Vardhan’s life story is one of inspiration and achievement.

Harsh Vardhan
Director, Shubhpuja

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Bridging Tradition and Innovation: Unvelling the Modern Essence of Vedic Wisdom

Shubhpuja is a pioneering venture which introduced vedic Puja services on Digital platform keeping in view needs of moders times. We introduced Online Puja services to the world first time. The mega success of our astrology and pujas has been recognized golbally and most extensively featured by leading world media?: Los Angeles Times, CNBC, New York Magazine, SCMP, Gulfnews, Times of India, Zee News etc.

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