Vedic Horoscope – Follow-up consultation

In dynamic world of constant changes many high profile devotees are keen to take regular astrology advice after full horoscope consultation.

For convenience of such devotees we provide a 10 minutes follow up consultation at a special rate within one year of consultation as per your need. After one year devotees are advised to have full horoscope consultation again since all planets and transits under go major changes during one year period.


• We provide horoscope and other astrological services to all people, irrespective of the place they are living in.

• Since unfailing success and honest dedication is what we have learnt from our highly qualified Jyotish Shastris and Professional Astrologists who have been paving the way to success, we provide their services at the fullest to one’s satisfaction.

• We have highly educated expert astrologers who are having Masters/PhD level qualification and have been practicing and researching in the field of Vedic Astrology and Numerology for over 10 years on our panel.

• These experts are personal advisors to top-most politicians and industrialists all over the world.

• The remedies suggested are very practical and show positive effect in a short period of time.

• A comprehensive and personal analysis through “Prashna Kundli” (answering direct questions of clients) instead of a standard and unrelated computerized report through inaccurate software.

Our Vedic horoscopic consultation comprises of expert advises in the field of life, career, love, marriage, health, property and other fields of importance and interest.

The feedback given by the beneficiaries is beyond comprehension as they feel themselves overwhelmed by our instant and efficient services.