Surya Dosh Nivaran Puja Job & Fame

The most famous Gayatri Mantra is the most powerful of all Surya Mantras and is dedicated to Savitr, the Dawn Sun.

Surya or Sun related troubles may create significant troubles in one’s life relating to:

  • Work and Authority Troubles.
  • Long ailments of the five senses.
  • Father’s illness.
  • Will-power and Courage.
  • Fame
  • Peace of the soul, living or long gone.

The devotee must opt for Surya Puja not only to eliminate Surya dosha or malefic effcts of Surya during its Mahadasha from one’s planetary chart but also to reap the following benefits:

– Over-come any troubles to your Soul.
– Enhance Will-power and Courage.
– Achieve Fame and Kingship.
– Escape of cure to long standing diseases related to Eyes & general vitality.
– Help eradicate trouble related to fatherhood and family.
– Help attain authority.


Sun is the lord of Navgrahas and is considered as the Supreme lord. The word Surya literally means the ‘Promoter’. Surya is considered as the only visible form of God that can be seen every day. It is believed that Surya has been worshipped since ages to receive the kind blessings of God.