Sri Sukta Puja

Success and Profit in Business and Protection Against Losses

Sri Sukta is sacred hymn in reverence of Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Fertility. With recital of Sri Sukta, Goddess Lashmi blesses us with  us Wealth, Progeny, Vehicles and Business Success. Sukta is a cluster of mantras with their unique power, function and energy.

Recitation of Sri Sukta with devotion and faith attracts wealth and prosperity into one’s life and business ventures.

This puja  removes hurdles in business, financial difficulties & fulfills the wish to accumulate more wealth in life

This is highly beneficial for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to expansion and enhancement of profits.

By seeking blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, devotees aim to achieve material success with spirituality.

Sri Sukta Puja serves as a powerful means to connect with the goddess of wealth, ensuring a steady flow of riches, business growth, and overall prosperity.

Havan/Homam and Arti is performed at the conclusion of Puja

Duration : 70 – 90 Minutes


  1. Generation of wealth, prosperity & financial abundance
  2. Business success.
  3. Financial stability and security.
  4. Protection against losses & misfortunes