Sindhurmani Siddha Mahakali Kavach Puja

Sindhurmani Siddha Mahakali Kavach is most powerful in cleansing your Aura & removes ill-effects of Evil eye/Black Magic. it also removes negativity around you and fills you with positive energy and optimism. This is specially helpful in long-duration health issues like migraine and insomnia, litigations, enmity, jealousy, etc.


Mahakali: Devi Mahakali is the death personified and anger personified of Lord Shiva. She was created when Lord Shiva uprooted a strand of his matted locks and threw it on the ground in rage when he heard about Sati’s ill-treatment at her father’s house.

Since she was ordered to destroy the enemy completely, she and Virabhadra destroyed and thrashed the whole arena of sacrifice. And similarly, when requested through fervent prayers and powerful potency of Sindhurmani, she at once tries to take away all the miseries, be them in any number.