Sindhurmani Shri Narsimha Puja

Lord Sri Nrsimha Dev is the incarnation of Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna. As per Srimad Bhagwatam, he appeared personally from the pillar in order to rescue his dear devotee from the wrath of his father Hiranyakashyipu.

His fearful form terrorises the death itself and it appears that he is the death of the death. His form is so much fearful that no one dared to go near him when he tore apart the demon with his nails. Only his dear devotee approached him and with eyes filled with tears of love and affection for his lord, he fell at his lotus feet and offered prayers.

Similarly, if one offers prayers to Lord Narsimha, then there is no problem in these three worlds from which he can be tormented. Lord is always there to help his devotees and he personally comes and carries whatever his dear devotees lacks and preserves what he has.


Sindhurmani is the rarest of the rare manis. The texts describing its significance are also very rare. As per the authentic texts which have been scientifically proven.

This mani has an aura of it’s on energy spectrum and radiates a huge amount of positive energy. This positive energy which is imbibed with the blessings of the Lord can heal the planetary bad effects on the person and can correct the influence of planets.

What is done in Sindhurmani Sri Nrsimha Puja?

When energised in proper way by expert chanting of mantras by our expert south Indian Brahmins, the Sindhurmani radiates a proper and specific spectrum of radiation as per the meaning of the mantras.

This energy is administered into the devotee or the patient who is getting the results of the planets and by the administration, the bad effects of the planets are nullified to a great extent. As soon as the puja is performed, the remedy starts to work and shields the person from the effect of the planets in the future as well.

Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Lord Nrsimha are invocated by the specially researched special mantras

This is followed by Swastivachan and then the Sindhurmani is enchanted and made siddha and then the energy is administered in to the devotee.

Shubhpuja services

A highly qualified indian brahman trained in Hindu Shastras will conduct your puja. We have Acharyas from biggest religious organisations, educational institutes, Sanskrit Vidyapeethss, highly revered priests from Benaras, Ujjain, Haridwar and other parts of the country. We have all educated and verified astrologers associated with Shubhpuja.

We combine science and mathematics in the Vedic practices and deliver our services

After you have made the booking, we will send you a confirmation email about your puja details
This puja is fully customized for you with your details and objectives to be achieved from the puja
We will send you a list of do’s and don’ts to be observed by you for the Puja. You can attend the puja LIVE through the link provided by us and we will share the puja location and details
You may also choose to attend the Puja personally or have a representative attend the Puja

Lord Narsimha Deva: The rescuer from legal troubles

Lord Narsimha deva appeared for the benefit of all humans and mankind and not only for personal benefit of Prahlada. The fierce form of Lord Nrsimhadeva may appear most awful to a non-devotee, but to the devotee the Lord is always affectionate as He is in other forms.

On worshipping his rare sthanu form, one can get the desired blessings and freedom from all sorts of tensions.

This puja is especially beneficial for the ones who are having

legal troubles due to very strongblack magic and u
nconquerable enemies which have been initiated since a long time and do not seem to end in near future.
Why only Sindhurmani puja?

Sindhurmani is an “ati durlabha ratna” i.e. it is a very rare gemstone found in the depths of Lakes and rivers. The sadhus and saints who have reached the achieved proper siddhis and energies along with process of self-realisation can achieve and identify this rare Sindhurmani.

Sindhurmani is nothing but a blessing of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha as it is also called as Soul of Lord Ganesha or effulgence of Lord Shiva.

It is blessed by Lord Shiva and Ganesha to attain perfection in any puja or worship whichever is performed with any motive and blesses the person with it’s long lasting benefits and cure.

Sindhurmani guarantees faster results and they are visible while the puja is going on.