Sindhurmani Chandra Dosh Nivaran Puja

As per Indian mythology Chandra is considered to be born out of the mind of PURUSHA and thus is responsible for social, behavioural, personal and mental evolution of human beings. It sores up the deepest niche of one’s mind thus controlling how we think. Moon as per Indian Astrology also symbolizes nourishment, emotions, fertility and public life. Moon also represents the mother, or a motherly figure.

A weak moon or a badly placed moon (Chandra Dosh) can be extremely malefic leading to

  1. Emotional disturbances and violation of one’s peace.
  2. Loss of health and fame.
  3. Creating tension and problem between the native and his/her mother.
  4. Personality disorders, emotional disturbances, depression, lethargy and problems in relating to people.
  5. Kidney problems, menstrual problems, fertility issues.


We will send you a qualified Indian Brahman trained in Hindu Shastras to conduct puja at Devotees preferred location (home, office etc.) and time (or muhurat time suggested by Shubhpuja).

We have Acharyas from biggest religious organisations, educational institutes, Sanskrit Vidyapeethss, highly revered priests from Benaras, Ujjain, Haridwar and other parts of the country. We have all educated and verified astrologers associated with Shubhpuja.

We combine science and mathematics in the Vedic practices and deliver our services

  • After you have made the booking, we will send you a confirmation email about your puja details
  • This puja is fully customized for you with your details and objectives to be achieved from the puja
  • We will send you a list of do’s and don’ts to be observed by you for the Puja. You can attend the puja LIVE through the link provided by us and we will share the puja location and details
  • You may also choose to attend the Puja personally or have a representative attend the Puja

If you live outside Delhi NCR, we can conduct Online Live pujas.

Chandra Puja is recommended to eliminate malefic Chandra or Mahadasha Effects and Chandra Dosha and strengthen your moon and thereby making you strong to face the emotional issues that you may be facing.

Our astrologers along with many renowned saints advice Chandra Puja not only to eliminate Chandra Dosha but also to please Chandra Devata and reap the following benefits:

  1. Removes negative energy in your environment.
  2. Reduces fertility and menstrual problems.
  3. Safeguards one self from Ulcers, Intestinal problems and Stomach infections.
  4. Relieves oneself from emotional trauma, stress and personality disorders.
  5. Helps gain a better memory and improves his eyesight too.
  6. If you are not aware of the position of the Moon in your Planetary Chart them.
  7. we at Shubhpuja.com are here to you sort the issue out!