Shukra Yantra

Shukra yantra is placed to eliminate Shukra dosha or malefic effcts of Shukra from one’s planetary chart but also to reap the following benefits:
• Gain wealth, fame and love due to the blessings of Shukracharya for next 20 years.

• Prevents and cures from venereal diseases
• Helps in attainment of financial prosperity and stability
• Promotes harmonious family relations
• Enhances love, bliss, beauty, romance, passion, comfort and sexual life
• Helps in progeny

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• Our Packs have been made from highest quality materials, ensuring the pleasure of the deity concerned.

• These packages have been made under the guidance of highly qualified shastris and Acharyas.

• The best method of fast delivery is usually chosen to avoid any latencies or delays.

The package includes a siddha Yantra which has been enchanted upon 1008 times with the beej mantra, making it pran pratishtit.

Along with the yantra, there is a proper instruction manual which shall illustrate the guidelines to take maximum benefit from the yantra.