Shubhpuja Surya Yantra

Surya Yantra should be installed and worshipped to pacify and reduce the negative effects of planet Surya. The Sun planet is considered the chief planet in the system of Vedic Astrology and therefore, has a huge impact on one’s life.

Placing a Surya yantra will not only eliminate Surya dosha or malefic effects of Surya during its Mahadasha from one’s planetary chart but also to reap the following benefits:

• Over-come any troubles to your Soul
• Enhance Will-power and Courage
• Achieve Fame and Kingship
• Escape of cure to long standing diseases related to Eyes & general vitality
• Help eradicate trouble related to fatherhood and family
• Help attain authority

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• Our Packs have been made from highest quality materials, ensuring the pleasure of the deity concerned.

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The package includes a siddha Yantra which has been enchanted upon 1008 times with the beej mantra, making it pran pratishtit.

Along with the yantra, there is a proper instruction manual which shall illustrate the guidelines to take maximum benefit from the yantra.