Shri Hanuman Shakti Puja

Victory, Courage, Health, Fear, Ghost, Enemy, Depression

Mental Health, Courage, Victory, Confidence, Deperetion Remove and fearlessness in children

Lord Hanuman is the most visible Deity of Hindus and performing Hanuman puja offers unwavering Strength courage & protection to his devotees.

Lord Hanuman is considered symbol of courage, devotion, faithfulness. He is very easy to please and remove all worries, depression & troubles.

By performing Hanuman puja, one can seek blessings for courage, Protection from all demon evil & negative energies, victory over enemies, fight all illnesses & overcome life’s challenges.

It promotes positive aspects like Good health, success & prosperity into the life of native.

Additionally, by performing Hanuman puja , one can get rid of bad habits like corruption , adultery , laziness , fickle mindless , procrastination etc. & by alleviate health issues & promoting  more fulfilling & prosperous life to his devotees

When nothing works Hanuman Shakti Puja works.

Havan/Homam and Arti is performed at the conclusion of Puja

Duration: 70 – 90 Minutes


  1. Ultimate Confidence Booster
  2. Court Cases
  3. Courage to overcome challenges
  4. Victory on enemies
  5. Divine protection from negative & evil energies
  6. Recovery from serious disease
  7. Heart Problems

Connect with us & embark the journey of inner strength, courage & divine protection by the grace of lord Hanuman