Shradh Sanskar Puja

(Pitra Shanti Puja)

We are in this world because of our ancestors. While our ancestors have devoted their lives generation after generation for us, it is our pious duly to remember them and pray for their soul. After death, the soul becomes angelic and our respects and offerings are a means for their peace and salvation. Every year Ashwin month Krishna paksha fortnight is observed as the Shradh period devoted to the prayers and peace of our ancestors.

Yagna is performed and blessed Brahmins are offered food and offerings as the means of atonement for any omissions of our elders and salvation of their soul. Every Hindu must observe this period with full devotion and respect so that our departed elders bless us.

Shradh Puja is performed on the Tithi (Hindu Panchang date) of death/ cremation of the departed soul. In case devotee is not aware of Tithi (Hindu Date) and place of cremation, Shradh puja can be performed on last day of Pitra Paksha (Pitra Visarjani Amavasya). In case devotee is aware of Date/Time and Place of death/Cremation of the Ancestor, our expert pandits canĀ  advise day and date of shradh. In 2023, Shradh Period is from 29th Sept till 14th October 2023.