Rahu mantra puja for going abroad for studies

Rahu, also called Tamas, is the cut off head of an asura who drank some of the amrita or soma. The sun and the moon realized it and they alerted Mohini (the female avatar of Vishnu). Before the nectar could pass his throat, Mohini cut off his head. The head, however, remained immortal due to the effect of amrita and became Rahu. It is believed that this immortal head from time to time swallows the sun, causing eclipses.

Rahu is a shadow planet i.e. it doesn’t have any physical identity but it is signified by certain sensitive points in one’s planetary chart.

The planet Rahu relates to mind, insanity, epilepsy, fights and trifles. Our astrologers understand that a malefic Rahu or Rahu Mahadasha can cause various troubles such as poverty,

  1. Miscarriage.
  2. Hindrances in marriage.
  3. Marital tension with spouse.
  4. Mental tensions and trauma.
  5. Fight among friends.
  6. ill health of the child.
  7. Loss in business.
  8. Danger of theft.
  9. Frail nerves.
  10. Violent changes to the one’s life.


A highly qualified Indian Brahman trained in Hindu Shastras will conduct your puja. We have Acharyas from biggest religious organisations, educational institutes, Sanskrit Vidyapeethss, highly revered priests from Benaras, Ujjain, Haridwar and other parts of the country. We have all educated and verified astrologers associated with Shubhpuja.

We combine science and mathematics in the Vedic practices and deliver our services

  • After you have made the booking, we will send you a confirmation email about your puja details
  • This puja is fully customized for you with your details and objectives to be achieved from the puja
  • We will send you a list of do’s and don’ts to be observed by you for the Puja. You can attend the puja LIVE through the link provided by us and we will share the puja location and details
  • You may also choose to attend the Puja personally or have a representative attend the Puja

If you live outside Delhi NCR, we can conduct Online Live Pujas

Our astrologers along with various renowned saints advice the devotee to conduct Rahu Puja not only to appease Rahu and eliminate the ill effects of Rahu Dasha but also to reap the following benefits:

  1. Removing obstacles if suffering from losses, when starting a new business or investment
  2. Removing hindrances while seeking a perfect match
  3. Increasing leadership skills, for increased courage and vital energy or to excel in martial arts
  4. Treating mental tensions, depression and trauma
  5. Creating positive vibrations in the house
  6. Gaining material abundance, and spiritual prosperity