Pind Daan Kriya and Brahmin Bhoj

What is Pind Daan Kriya and Brahmin Bhoj?

When the human beings die, it’s just their body which transforms into dust but the immortal soul remains trapped in the cycle of birth and death. In order to relieve the departed souls of our ancestors from this cycle, Pind Daan is performed. The wandering soul achieves stability in the blissful abode named Pitra lok, after the completion of shradh ceremony. Pind daan kriya is done to achieve ultimate salvation (moksha) of the departed soul, especially who died of unnatural death. When vedic scholars or Brahmins are offered food of the choice of the departed soul, it is referred as Brahmin Bhoj to give a send off to our family members.


For the salvation of our family member, especially who had an unnatural death, it is necessary to perform this ritual. Generally the eldest son of the family performs this ceremony and the entire family is blessed with the fruits. Childless couples are blessed with a baby by the grace of Lord Narayan. Any such continuous problems in the family are resolved and stability is maintained in the native’s life when Pind daan kriya is performed for the departed soul.

How will this puja be done by Shubhpuja?

We perform thsi puja should be performed at the shore of a holy river. Using five earthen pots (kalash) symbolising Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Yam and Pitra; pran pratishta will be done. Pind daan will be kept on the top of the kalash along with dakshina. Chanting pitra gayatri mantra, prayers will be recited for the welfare of the departed soul.

ll Om Pitra Ganay Vidmahe Jagat dharinaye dhimahi Tanno Pitro Prachodyat ll