About Opal

Opal is an exquisitely white colouredgemstone which is a form of sillica which is one of the very beautiful representations of the planet Venusin the Jyotish shastra.Opalis one of the gemstones which shows a play of colours when light is made to fall upon it. It is termed as Upala in Sanskrit and Dudhiya patthar in Hindi.

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Since today’s world is a place where lot many people come out as so called well-wishers and have intentions to load their pockets rather than the heart of the people they are dealing with, there is a very less chance of getting something unadulterated quickly and easily. Since the standards of worship should be maintained in order to get the best of benefits, one must try his best to get the best offering for the lord.
We, at #Shubhpuja understand your hankering for the true as well as pure gem set and have come up to the strict resolution of not to compromise with the standards and quality of the products we are presenting to our dear client. Since our logo is “Everything begins with faith”, we aspire to create faith in the hearts of the devotees joined to us
Without letting unnecessary people come in between, we directly deal with the gemstone manufactures and company which are responsible for extracting the raw gemstone and finish it to the final cut as per the demand of our customer.

Since Acharyas and Pundits have to be consulted regarding the weight and shape of the gemstone, we provide you with the consultation of the same when you book the gemstone and present before you a practical step by step illustrated guide of all the know-hows so as to ease the process of understanding of the gemstone and its wearing.
On the request of our customers, we energize the gemstone according to the Vedic shatsras under the expert guidance and experience of highly revered Purohitas, Acharyas and Pandits. They are properly energized using secret, yet very powerful mantras which give instant result.
For the pran pratishtha of Opal, one must follow the steps:
1. Worship Devi.
2. Recite Shree Sooktam or Devi stuti or Durga chalisa.
3. Japa of Shukra beeja mantra: ॐद्रांद्रीँद्रौंसहशुक्रायनमः
4. Donate clothes or dairy cream or curd to a lady on Friday.
5. Fasting: On Fridays.
6. Pooja: Devi pooja.
7. Wear a 9 mukhi Rudraksha

Hemical Formula: SiO2. nH2O
Colour: White
Hardness: 5.5 to 7
Crystal System: Elongate
Refractive Index: 1.44 – 1.46
SG: 1.90 – 2.20
Transparency: Opaque
Double Refraction: 0.0008
Luster: Vitreous to adamantine
Cleavage: None, but may exhibit parting
Mineral Class: SIllicates

Origin of Opal
The World’s best Opals come from Australia. In fact, Opal is the National Gemstone of Australia. Ethiopian & Mexican opals are also very popular. But Ethiopian Opals are less durable and loses their luster and fire in short duration after regular use.
Pricing and quality of Opal
Quality of Opals is adjudged mainly by its – Body Color, Luster, Surface Finish, Optical effect and Carat Size. ‘Fire’ is the name given to the phenomenon of light; Rainbow colors on its surface, often referred as ‘interplay of colors’. Fire adds Life, Beauty and Power to the Opal Stone. An Opal without fire is lifeless and looks like a plain marble. As the Fire increases, the price of Opals increases. The Best source of Opal is Australia. Opal comes in various colors like Red, Blue, Green, white and Black.
Opal prices are further increasing internationally due to restrictions on Opal mining worldwide

Astrological facts about Opal
Since Diamond represents the Venus planet in the astrological sciences, it is sought to have the best properties of balancing the negative aspects of the Venus if they are occurring to the person. While Shukra represents mind, love, Sense gratification, romance and married life, the gemstone Diamond is said to eradicate the various ill effects of the Shukra planet as well as a weak Shukra or a wrongly placed sun in the horoscope. It takes away sadness and gloom of the life and protects the individual from the ill energies.
Since diamond also represents the Shukra planet and is very expensive, the gemstone opal comes to the best of our use.