Maa Skanda Navratri Puja

The fifth day of Navaratri is dedicated to the humble and pious mother (Ma Parvati) of Kumar Kartikeya or Skanda or Lord Murugan, so she is also referred as Skanda Mata. During the fierce war between Gods and demons, Kartikeya Ji in the form of Skanda had to come to rescue and became a saviour. His glory has also been mentioned in Puranas, where he is referred as Shaktidhar. Skanda Mata Puja is way to worship the mother of Skanda to achieve the Visuddha chakra state. In this form, she holds the infant Skanda in her lap sitting in meditation posture, therefore also called as Padmasana. On the Panchami of navratri festival, Durga Ji is in her most benevolent and motherly form mesmerising the devotees with Her purity.

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