Maa Siddhidatri Navratri Puja

The nine divine forms of Ma Durga are worshipped on the auspicious navratri festival as each day is dedicated to Her varied special form. The ninth, which is the last and most fruitful day, is kept for Goddess Siddhidatri. She is a symbol of bestowing 26 Siddhis (perfection, accomplishment or attainment) and occult powers on Her devotees. It is said that Lord Shiva worshipped Ma Siddhidatri to get all his siddhis and there after he is named as ‘Ardhanarishvar’. Devi Siddhidatri puja is a reverent way to adore Ma Durga and become a perfect ‘sadhaka’, and then you are blessed by the knowledge of light and realization of the supreme ‘brahmagyan’.

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