Kundali Birth Time Correction

Since every planet has its own period of stay in a particular zodiac sign, it is not possible to assess their presence in the sign without knowing about the proper place, time and date of the person. Out of the three, time is of most importance since it actually determines the position of planets as the planets may move to a different sign in a single day, sometimes in hours or minutes.

The predictions made by astrologers is based upon the specific planet chart, called Kundali in the terms of Astrology. Kundali represents the position of the planets in the 12 zodiac signs, called as Rashi. Based upon their manner of arrangement, the astrologer is able to quickly and accurately predict about the future of the person concerned and an evaluation can be done in the field of Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Fame, Love, Education and Longevity.

But due to lack of proper measures, the exact birth time is often forgotten or renders misplaced in the mind. But our expert astrologers, owing to their immense experience in the field, can make correction for the Birth time by their expertise and consultation to the authorized voluminous books and treatises on Astrology.


We provide consultation services and other astrological services to all people, irrespective of the place they are living in.

Our services are far better than the softwares which require time of birth and cannot help one in correction for the same.

Our highly qualified Jyotish Shastris and Professional Astrologists have been paving the way to success and we provide their services at the fullest to one’s satisfaction.

These experts are personal advisors to top-most politicians and industrialists all over the world.

A comprehensive and personal analysis through “Prashna Kundli” (answering direct questions of clients) instead of a standard and unrelated computerized report through inaccurate software which needs time of birth.

The package shall comprise of detailed analysis of the person with proper consultation with our team of astrologers who have been into this field for more than 10 years.

To find out the correct birth time, there are various rules and methods, the best one being Krishnamurthy Paddhati. We use this method to get your correct time of birth.

These details are must for birth time rectification.

1. Date, Place and the range of possible birth times within approximately two hour of accuracy. For ex. between 9 am to 10 am etc…

2. List of your key life events. As many of these as you can provide will be helpful. For ex. Date of marriage, Date of child birth etc.