Kuber Upasana Puja

As few litres of water is taken out from the ocean doesn’t affect its huge capacity, similarly the store house of wealth can never reduce for the devotees of Lord Kubera. His personality may be dwarf like but his grace upon his worshippers is immense. Kubera was cursed by Goddess Parvati for his evil intentions against her but later when she forgave him; he was blessed with the responsibility of being the Lord of wealth and material. Lord Kuber is the distributor of wealth whereas Goddess Lakshmi is the originator of wealth. He is also referred as the Lord of north direction. So to seek the continuous shower of wealth and prosperity in your family, Kuber Puja is must. By faithfully and heartily adoring the glories of Kubera, devotees attract his blessings and he travels on his flying chariot (Pushpak) to bestow his love upon them.