Goddess Lakshmi Puja

Wealth, Prosperity and Fortune

Goddess Lakshmi is Goddess of wealth and prosperity of all forms, material and spiritual. Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi holds immense importance that can transform your life and open gateway to financial prosperity, Abundance & luxuries.

Lakshmi is divine power that have forms dreams into reality.

By invoking Goddess Lakshmi, one can attract financial stability, career growth, business expansion, improved sales and profits & overall prosperity

Entrepreneur, business owners, job seekers turn to Goddess Lakshmi for all the financial success and promotions.

Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings extend to Physical & overall well-being emotionally & spiritually both.

Her divine energy dispels negativity & stress, improves Family Relationships, by creating an atmosphere of love and unity.

Havan/Homam and Arti is performed at the conclusion of Puja

Duration: 70 – 90 Minutes


  1. Wealth Creation
  2. Celebrations and Festivities
  3. Luxuries
  4. Fulfilment of Wishes
  5. Social Status