Goddess Kamala Puja

For Owning House, Property and Vehicles

Goddess Kamala is  form of Goddess Lakshmi, symbolizing material wealth, prosperity, and assets.

This is a powerful Spiritual Puja to attract financial stability and gain material wealth. This Puja is ideal to fulfil desire of owning a dream house & all worldly material possessions, Puja fosters an atmosphere of opulence and luxury in the home, endowing a prosperous lifestyle.

This puja shows devotees path leading to wealth and prosperity with the blessings of Goddess Kamala.

Havan/Homam and Arti is performed at the conclusion of Puja

Duration : 70 – 90 Minutes


  1. Owning a Dream House
  2. Property
  3. Vehicles
  4. Removal of Debts
  5. Improves quality of life
  6. Provides all worldly comforts & Luxuries