Bal Ganpathy Puja

Growth, Protection and Education for Children

Ganpati ji is widely known for his naughtiness and intelligence. He is a combination of inquisitive kid along with stress removing Lord. Bal Ganpati Puja is especially done for children by their parents or other family members for protecting them against evil forces and also blessing them with intelligence. The Lord of Ganas, the elephant faced God, represents the power of the Supreme being that removes obstacles and ensures success in human endeavours. Bal Ganpati Puja is beneficial for kids as it provides them with the strength to face this competitive world and score great marks.


A highly qualified Indian Brahman trained in Hindu Shastras will conduct your puja. We have Acharyas from biggest religious organisations, educational institutes, Sanskrit Vidyapeethss, highly revered priests from Benaras, Ujjain, Haridwar and other parts of the country. We have all educated and verified astrologers associated with Shubhpuja.

We combine science and mathematics in the Vedic practices and deliver our services

  • After you have made the booking, we will send you a confirmation email about your puja details
  • This puja is fully customized for you with your details and objectives to be achieved from the puja
  • We will send you a list of do’s and don’ts to be observed by you for the Puja. You can attend the puja LIVE through the link provided by us and we will share the puja location and details
  • You may also choose to attend the Puja personally or have a representative attend the Puja

If you live outside Delhi NCR, we can conduct Online Live Pujas

Adoring bal Ganesha from heart by devotees is a highly auspicious act as Ganesh Ji loves his devotees and bless them with whatever they wish. He blesses the family with all the qualities as he possess, where the children are as obedient and caring for his parents as him. He also bestows the kids with the power of wisdom and intelligence, which helps them to increase their intellectual thoughts and fulfil their parent’s dreams. Bal Ganpati puja is an overall solution to get rid of family issues and lead a peaceful and relaxed life ahead.

How will this puja be done by Shubhpuja?

Shubhpuja provides you with the best Vedic scholars, who have been practising this art for so many years and are well-acquainted with the prescribed rituals. The devotees perform the ‘snanam’ of Ganpati Ji’s idol with water and milk. Then it is cleaned and placed at the auspicious area like temple in the house. He is offered red flowers, garland, incense, sandalwood, sweets and betel leaves. Diya is lighted and the water poured over betel leaves is sprinkled in every direction. The entire family should chant the mantra ‘Om Gan Ganpataye Namah’ and aarti is performed by them. Children should also participate in this puja for receiving blessings of Ganpati Ji. Special food is offered as prasadam and later distributed among family and friends.

When should this puja be done?

This puja is especially considered auspicious on Vinayak Chaturthi, that falls once in a year around July or august. Otherwise, it can be performed on the Chaturthi date of any lunar month.