Auspicious dates and muhurat

Our learned pandits can guide you about auspicious date and time for

• Various festival pujas,
• Engagement, roka, wedding, sagan, milni, vidai ceremonies
• Muhurat during wedding functions
• Fasts (vrath) on various occasions
• Paaths, kathas and japs
• Mundans, namkaran and grah pravesh
• Chandra and surya grahan
• Bhoomi-pujan


Performing various pujas and other ceremonies according to auspicious date and timing brings the best results. Our pandits study your horoscope, current and future planetary movements and the type of ceremony performed to advise a shubh muhurat.

In Vedic system, all the days, dates & time are classified in Muhurtas that provides details about useful and useless impacts of times and periods. Muhurtas decides the time to start any auspicious occasion. As for example, Dev-Shayan period means the period or months when the Deities take their rest and willing to be calm and undisturbed. Therefore, this time is not advised to start digging of land or construction of buildings. The Muhurat have their own logics. For example, four months of rainy season are not very comfortable to start with a new construction related project work. In Muhurat, this four months period is thought to be the DEV SHAYAN period. The weather in this period also registers high humidity and heat. Again, only this season brings floods, muddy ways and water logging. The brick kilns are not operative during this period too.