Aura Testing and Balancing

In our lives, so many different factors contribute to misaligned energies,

  • from geopathic stress lines in the Earth,
  • to toxic people and situations,
  • to genetic issues inherited from family,
  • Black magic and negative energy,
  • and so much more.

Most of the times, we have a feeling of unease but we don’t know exactly where it’s coming from. Usually, it’s a combination of many factors.

In Aura Testing and aura balancing we ascertain as to what factors are disturbing you, which planets are helpful and which planets are harmful. Do you have effect of evil eye or black magic. And which solution will fix it. You can see it yourself.

With aura testing and aura balancing, you will be able to see every aspect of your current situation: a tangible understanding of your current body aura and planet imbalances.

This unique 180 degree process – scanning your whole body aura – allows us to target the root imbalances and fix them.

Aura Testing and aura balancing is dependent on Visibility and Sunlight at both ends. Sometimes we have to abandon the program if there is not enough Sunlight and it can’t be performed after Sunset and before Sunrise.

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